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Elections and Inaugurations
The election for the 8th term WAMCI Board Members and the President
On 1st June 2019, 11:30 AM, World Arts & Multi- Culture Inc. held an impromptu general meeting at Comfort Inn & Suites Robertson Gardens to proceed the election for the eighth term of WAMCI board members and the president. The meeting was chaired by Mr Luke Hung, the Commissioner for the Election, and witnessed by Cr Kim Marx, Councilor of the City of Brisbane.

Ballot papers from the present members and the authorized proxies of absentees were counted on 12:30 pm. Mr Hung declared the result of the election with the announcement of the 17 elected directors, three alternate directors, three supervisors, and the president.

The 17 elected directors are John Chen, Susan Yang, Jill Chung, Judy Tang, Richard Huang, David Hepper, Robert Huang, Cyndi Shen, Luke Hung, John Prescott, Eddie Lei, Jacqueline Lee, Dr Mei-Fen Kuo, Shikaya Wu, Kaijung Yu, Tina Tzeng, and Edward Lin. The three alternate directors are Michael Kuo, Ting-Chen Shang, and Howard Liao. For the eighth term of the WAMCI Board, Annie Sun, Angela Chen, and Charline Lee are elected as the supervisors.

Edward Lin was re-elected as the president after served one term of CEO and one Term of presidential duties. He immediately appointed six specialised Vice Presidents, John Chen (Senior Vice President), David Hepper (Vice President for Arts Festivals), Susan Yang ( Vice President for Multicultural Affairs), Jill Chung (Vice President for Financial Management), Richard Huang (Vice President for Citizenship Ceremonies), and Judy Tang (Vice President for Social Events).

Before the conclusion of the meeting, Edward invited Cr Kim Marx to be an Honorary Advisor for another term. Mr Gilbert Yang and Mr Tony Sun were also invited to be Advisors of WAMCI. Edward also announced that more WAMCI’s long term supporters and experts in various fields will be appointed as advisors. The meeting was ended with Melody Chen, the Life Honorary President’s congratulations.
2013 Melody Chen(1st 2nd 3rd) to Tina Lei(4th)
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