2019 Taiwan Film Festival in Brisbane - Films

紅盒子 | Father


11:00-12:39   11 Oct 

楊力州 Yang Li-Chou/2018/Documentary/99 min/G 普遍級


入圍 2018 台北金馬國際影展/2018 香港國際電影節 

2018 Taipei International Golden Horse Film Festival/ 2018 Hong Kong International Film Festival


陳錫煌,已故布袋戲大師李天祿的長子。李天祿因入贅陳家,長子按規定得姓陳。父親巨人般的身影、異姓父子的特殊關係,為兩人種下難解心結。2009 年,高齡七十九歲的陳錫煌離開家族庇蔭,只帶著紅盒子內供奉的戲神田都元帥,用自己的名字另創劇團,成為深獲國內外肯定的人間國寶。然而,傳統布袋戲的快速沒落,卻又讓他面臨空有一身絕學、慷慨授藝不藏私,可是後繼者寥寥可數的困境⋯⋯。

Chen Hsi-huang, the eldest son of the puppet master Li Tian-lu. Li Tian-lu married into the Chen family in which he became the son-in-law. Under this situation, his eldest son was given the surname Chen. Being the son of the legendary puppet master and the special relationship between the father and the son led them to a mutual knot. In 2009, at the age of 79, Master Chen left the Li family and set up his own troupe, which soon earned recognition all over the world. Nevertheless, this traditional art declined rapidly, and Chen found no one to pass on his great skills…



​行者 | The Walkers


13:10-15:37   11 Oct 

陳芯宜, CHEN Singing/ 2014 /Documentary/ 147 min/ PG 保護級


入選2016海參崴影展/ 2014台灣國際紀錄片影展-觀眾票選獎

2016 Vladivostok International Film Festival/ 2014 Taiwan International Documentary Festival - Audience Choice Award
LIN Lee-Chen, the Artistic Director of Legend Lin Dance Theatre, has devoted her life to creating work that blends modern dance with religious ritual. Drawing from her own life, LIN turns her outlook into a calming physical strength in her choreography, giving the audience a chance to glimpse her inner strength and creativity. Filmed over the course of ten years, this documentary is a poetic expression of the persistence and creativity of LIN Lee-Chen, capturing the internationally renowned choreographer’s meditations on life itself.



五月十三傷心夜 | May 13th, Night of Sorrow 


16:00-17:37   11 Oct


林摶秋 LIN Tuan-Chiu /1965/Narrative Feature/97 min/M 輔導級



2018 Woman Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan
After the death of their mother, Siok-Hui sings in a nightclub to support her younger sister Siok-Tshing, but her immature sister looks down on her occupation. Siok- Tshing then begins working in a pharmaceutical company where she has a crush on her colleague Bun-Pin. But little does she know that Bun-Pin has fallen passionately in love with her sister. It’s while attending a special celebration that Siok-Tshing finally finds out the truth. After drowning her sorrows in alcohol, she is forcibly taken to a hotel by a lascivious businessman obsessed with her sister. Siok-Hui rushes to the hotel, where she finds the man lying in a pool of blood….
Considered the forerunner of Taiwan’s “coming-of-age” genre, the film is a rich, original story written by LIN Tuan-Chiu. Centering on an accidental love triangle and a murder, the film crafts the two sisters’ story with captivating intensity, along with several comic elements, beautiful songs, and a splendid local parade that aroused laughter and tears among local audiences.